4/21/17 – The Eschaton, The Last Jedi Trailer, The Leftovers

This is a jam packed episode, so buckle up. The Geeks discuss the new Last Jedi trailer then they answer the question, “what is the eschaton and why don’t we talk about it?” And finally, The Leftovers are back!!!!

Regaining Biblical Hope_ Restoring the Prominence of the Parousia – Jeffrey A. G

3/24/17 – Sanctification, Logan, Dawn of Wonder, and The Americans

loganSanctification, what does it mean? Who is responsible for it? What role do we play? The Geeks answer these questions to the best of their abilities… so yeah.  then the Geeks catch up on everything Geeky form the last few weeks and James tries to convince Bill to see Logan.

12/9/16 – Why is God a Man?, Billy the Kid, and the Westworld Finale

landscape-1480952003-westworld-finaleThe Geeks answer the thought provoking question, Why is God a man? Then, the geeks play a western themed version of the hypothetical movie game and of course, we discuss the violent delights and violent ends of season one of Westworld.

10/28/16 – The Heart of Vocation, The Walking Dead and Westworld

Bill, James and our guest geek, Pastor Raymond, discuss the heart of vocation, imperialism, and more. Then we discuss the return of The Walking Dead, Comic Con, and Westworld. This is not a spoiler free episode…

Special Episode with Pastor Raymond Kaija

Join us for a very special bonus episode of God Geeks. Pastor Raymond Kaija joins us! Pastor Raymond is visiting us all the way from Masindi Uganda and fills us in on what God is up to in Uganda, how he met Pastor Bill and more.


SoulThirst Africa

10/14/16 – The Necessity of Congregations and The New Rogue One Trailer

rogueoneposterWhy do we go to church? Do we need corporate worship? The Geeks discuss the supposed millennial view that you do not need to be part of a congregation to be part of the Church. Then, the Geeks discuss the new Rogue One trailer, The Dark Tower, and Dallas comic con. Enjoy!