9/9/16 – The Office of the Keys, Lightsaber Colors

piratechristianradioAhoy Maties! This week the Geeks officially join the Pirate Christian Radio network. Join the Geeks on a geeky theology voyage where they discuss the Office of the Keys, lightsaber colors, and the joys of audiobooks.


8/12/16 – 3rd Use of the Law

CHFDallasThis is an extra special, super-sized, Jedi Mind Tricks episode of the God Geeks Podcast. James and Bill discuss a proper distinction of law and gospel and the 3rd use of the law.

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7/29/16 – The Root of Anger and Even Stranger Things

strangerthingsposterWhy do we get angry? What is at the root of anger and indeed most sins? The Geeks answer these questions and more. Plus the Geeks discuss Stranger Things in a spoilerific episode of This Week in Geek. Warning, you should binge all 8 episodes of Stranger Things before listening to the second half of this weeks show.

7/22/16 – Righteous Anger and Stranger Things

st_payoff_usIs there such thing as “righteous anger”? The Geeks discuss anger, excuses, and the Gospel in Jedi Mind Tricks. Then, James and Bill geek out about the Netflix series, Stranger Things. Please for the love of all things geeky and retro, watch Stranger Things before next week! This week is spoiler free but next week we release the Demigorgan and discuss the show in it’s entirety.

For the article we discuss on in this episode head on over to Concordia Theology.

7/15/16 – Music, Worship, and the GOT Season 6 Finale

BillBrimerIn honor of Bill’s new album (available at BillBrimer.com and on iTunes) the Geeks talk about music, art, and worship. Is there a distinction between sacred and secular? What is worship and who is actually leading it? Then the Geeks discuss the Game of Thrones season finale.


6/24/16 – The Conjuring 2, Summer TV and Movies

Bill and James saw The Conjuring 2 and survived. Is it worth seeing? What theological messages does it have? Was it all a hoax? Why are ghosts so obsessed with closing doors? The Geeks discuss it all.  Then James and Bill have some TV and movie updates including Westworld, Stranger Things, Star Trek and of course, Game of Thrones.

6/17/16 – The Conjuring, Minecraft, and D&D

MV5BMTM3NjA1NDMyMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDQzNDMzOQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_By request of a fellow geek, Bill and James watch The Conjuring and discuss demonology, clairvoyance, the horror genre and more. Then, during “This Week in Geek”, James geeks out about Legos, Minecraft and Dungeons and Dragons. And of course, the Geeks talk a little Game of Thrones.

5/27/2016 – Two Kingdoms and Seven Kingdoms

220px-Swiss_Army_Man_posterThe Geeks explore the Two Kingdoms Doctrine and how a proper understanding of it and the Gospel can guide how Christians react to current events, politics and the government. Then we Geek out with a look at some unique summer movies and of course, we hold the door open for some Game of Thrones updates.

5/13/2016 – Friday the 13th: Ghosts, Demons, and Captain America

Marvel-Civil-War-alternate-posterThis week on a very special Friday the 13th Jedi Mind Tricks we talk the supernatural. Ghosts, demons, exorcisms, oh my! Also in this episode  James reviews Captain America: Civil War or as it is also known, The Movie that DC Wishes They Had Made, plus we talk just a little more Game of Thrones.

4/29/2016 – Crux Theologorum and the Return of Game of Thromes

MV5BMjM5OTQ1MTY5Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjM3NzMxODE@._V1_SX640_SY720_This week Bill and James discuss the Crux Theologorum (nothing to do with Harry Potter). Speaking of questions that can’t be answered, Game of Thrones is back and all of your questions about Jon Snow will be answered. (Actually none are answered.)